Glenn Earls

Business Owner
Health & Wellness Advocate

I have a PASSION to help people prosper in Business, Improve their Health, and Succeed in LIFE!

I have been successful in many different business endeavors and I am knowledgeable in how to make wealth, stay healthy, and enjoy life!

#1 – I am a Business Owner

IN Local Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency

Services offered by IN Local Marketing

  • Content Marketing – Website Design
  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC)
  • Email Marketing / CRM
  • Social Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Display Ads
  • Google Page Speed Optimization


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We are an Internet Marketing & Local SEO Agency delivering quality internet marketing solutions with second-to-none customer service.

We create custom business websites that both look amazing and are fully SEO optimized to establish a dominant online presence.

INternet + INformation + INnovation = RESULTS

#2 – I am an Entrepreneur

Nowsite Marketing (DIY Digital Marketing)

The fastest, easiest marketing system ever.

Nowsite AI
The perfect online marketing system for small business owners.

Every proven strategy in one place.

Powered by incredible ChatGPT AI.

Optimized by our team of marketing Nerds.

Nowsite ChatGPT AI Powered Marketing Includes:

  • Unlimited Websites. AI Powered.
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels. AI Powered.
  • Unlimited Social Media Content . AI Powered.
  • Unlimited Blogs. AI Powered.
  • Email Marketing. AI Powered.
  • Detailed Analytics

Lead Generation. AI Powered.

Nowsite Includes: AI Lead Generation

Finding Prospects and Lead Generation powered by AI with access to our database of over 2 billion prospects.

Target by interests, age, location, and more.

Contact Enhancement. AI Powered.

Personality Analysis. AI Powered.

SMS. AI Powered.

Contact Management System (CRM)

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Automated Tactics & Scripts
  • Unlimited File Storage

Social Media. AI Powered.

The Easiest Marketing System Ever Powered by Artificial Intelligence

#3 – I am a Health & Wellness Advocate

Health & Wellnes Products & Companies

90 FOR LIFE SUPPLEMENTS Vitamins & Minerals

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10xPure CBD OILS

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XanthoMyst™ Bio-Delivery Mist

Marketing Website:
Mangosteen Life

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I want to help you achieve your dreams and overshoot your goals in all the right ways.